Workshop with Jelena

Relationships Flip Workshop

Date: Sunday, March, 28th 2021
Time: 11:30 – 13:00
Place: Online via Cisco Webex!
Price: 15 EUR

Hi! Here is a quick quiz for you:

1. Even if I don’t intend to, I raise my voice when I get upset.
(Most of the times / Sometimes / Almost Never)

2. When I argue with others, I allow old grudges to resurface.
(Most of the times / Sometimes / Almost Never)

3. After an argument, I am left with bitter feelings.
(Most of the times / Sometimes / Almost Never)

4. When we fight, I feel like I need to win.
(Most of the times / Sometimes / Almost Never)

5. I get so furious during arguments that it is difficult to think straight.
(Most of the times / Sometimes / Almost Never)

6. I get defensive when my partner tells his or her side of the story.
(Most of the times / Sometimes / Almost Never)

If all of your answers are “Almost Never”, maybe you can skip this workshop and go enjoy your relationships. But if at least once you answered with “Sometimes” or “Most of the time” then, attending the Relationship Flip Workshop is the right thing to do.

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Ever wonder why some people respond in the same destructive way over and over even though they keep getting the same bad results?
Often, this is because we are unaware of what exactly triggers us and to what pattern we commit while in conflict and then it is too late. The emotions take over and we are in our standard unconscious pattern that usually bring us further apart, destined for resentment and disconnection.

Although, conflicts are inevitable in any close relationship, there are healthy ways to handle conflict. There are also proven techniques that can instantly turn these arguments around. How? This is what you will gain from joining Relationship Flip online workshop with me, Jelena Stankovic.
Arguing is a skill that needs to be practiced and developed. Learning productive ways to handle arguments when they arise is an essential skill for every partnership. Like every skill, developing it requires practice and patience. 

In this 90 min workshop, you will learn how to recognize your pattern of fighting and how to break it. Did you know you even had a pattern of fighting? Well, you do! This workshop will help you discover what it is and how to stop it, making your home a much happier place.
The Relationship Flip workshop will give you tools for life in order you to:

  • Communicate more effectively with your loved ones (partners or others)
  • Build trust,
  • Avoid misunderstandings,
  • Have better understanding of another person’s view,
  • Improve intimacy with your partner,
  • Improve and strengthen all your relationships for the long term.

Let’s make your world a better place, one relationship at the time!